BhaiThamen App arms women against sexual harassment

BhaiThamen App arms women against sexual harassment

The app offers various support functions for women in insecure situations.

Bangladesh has faced a series of rape and sexual harassment cases in recent years. BhaiThamen supports women commuting and traveling alone in Bangladesh and being at risk of being sexually harassed.

Precaution measures for single travelers

Releasing silent alarms

Raising the voice through the app

Data-based precaution measures


The Tech Academy

A fusion of an academy and an innovation lab. Children learn programming, electronics and mechanics through a gamified experience, move to an advanced level to collaborate with teachers and come up with tech innovations of their own for the real world.The Tech Academy is a social enterprise that teaches children ( ages 8-14) Robotics, Electronics, 2D, 3D Animation and Game Development. So far, 650+ students have been trained directly through our academy with a 1000+ others participating in various programs, charities and workshops.

Creator Lab

Creator Lab

When we first heard about Bhai Thamen, we knew instantly that this was a project we had to get involved in. Of course, the app has the potential to help thousands of women. The fact that it has been designed by young people resonated with our own mission statement. It’s also a non-profit project which means everyone involved is motivated by the desire to see the project come to life and to help people, rather than to make money. We are proud to be a small part of this project and would encourage anyone else who has skills and knowledge to share to come forward and get involved too.

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We are looking for people or organisations who can take this App to the next level. If you think you can support us in any way or give us your valuable feedback then please contact us.

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